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ABOUT ≫ Whole Sale

Whole sale of preserved flower arrangements

For corporate customers 

Your 6 merits of buying in HANAHASU Preserved Flower Arrangements
① Your shop status or image will be going up. Now preserved flowers are the most trendy in Hk.
② To save cost or time for buying in flower materials or making arrangements.
    Immediately you can sell perfect preserved flower arrangements to your valued clients.
③ With perfect gift wrapping or exclusive case so that you can pass to your clients immediately
④ Immediate income ! 
⑤ The beautiful lasts for around 1-2 years, depending on the keeping. .
     Less risk of excess of stocks than fresh flowers.
⑥ Comparing with fresh flower, the price almost fixed and stable.
With professional consulting service for preserved flower business also available.

Pls feel free to contact us for further.

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Due to some security reasons,if you can not receive our reply wihin 2 days, kindly pls check your junk mail box.
Alternatively kindly pls email us again, try to send from your another email address( our address: info@hanahasuhk.com )
Your understanding and cooperation will be much appreciated.




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