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Welcome to HANAHASU



Welcome to HANAHASU world.
We are the design atelier based in Hong Kong owned by Sumiko KOIKE, ex - JPFA ( Japan Preserved Flower Association )
authorized instructor.  Specializing in preserved flowers and artificial flowers.
Our services are Whole sales, Brand collaboration,
 Corporate works, Wedding as well as usual Flower school.
 And covering not only our local clients but also regional global clients  through our bespoke   arrangements with our unique stylish design
 Our professional team will lead you to the fantastic world.


  The meaning of HANAHASU with our wish 

   In Japanese,  HANA means  flowers, and HASU expresses lotus.

   It's said that lotus  can only bloom beautifully in mud. 

   Globally now is brutal and bloodthirsty. Our wish is our flowers help you more happy and peaceful
   in your life. such as a drop of  precious water in a desert land. Let's enjoy together from now.







HANA          HASU
                                        はな Flower    はす Lotus
  花の中で唯一、泥の中で美しく花ひらく蓮 (はす)
  さつばつとした世の中だけど、綺麗な花を見て心癒されたり、笑顔になった り、あなたらしい綺麗な花を

■ Designer Profile

HANAHASU  Founder / Artistic Director - Sumiko KOIKE 

In JAPAN- (2005~2009)
* Acquired JPFA Diploma
* JPFA Authorized School and Authorized Instructor
* Instructor in Culture school
* Was introduced by leading Japanese Magazines
 ( 花時間, DIME, Wedding – Style)
 and Media, such as TV Station
* Put arrangements on Gallery or Café Display
* Bouquet Lesson and Order

  In Hong Kong (2009 – Present)
< Special Works >
Macau Luxury Show Flat - one Central : Preserved flower arrangement ( 2010 )
A European leading luxury brand store display in all Hong Kong shops and Macau.( 2015~)
* Aeon Credit Service (ASIA) Show room display ( 2016~)

< Whole sale for corporate clients B to B business started > ( 2015~)

<Flower school >
* Preserved flower lesson started  in Tung Chung  Class ( 2010~)
* Hong Kong Japanese Club monthly lesson ( 2010~)
* Oisca Culture Centre monthly lesson ( 2015~)
* Watashi create monthly lesson ( 2016~)
* HANAHASU authorised schools ( 5 schools in Hong Kong, Singapore & Japan ) have opened. 

<Seasonal collaboration lessons>
* Halloween , Xmas collaboration lesson with Japanese restaurants( 2011~)
Preserved flower lesson collaborated with sweets made by a famous blogger, who was a pâtissière in France 
   for Mother’s day, Halloween, Xmas and Valentine’s day collaboration lessons ( 2014, 2015 )
Summer special lesson in Shibuya, TOKYO ( 2015 ) 

< Christmas Fairs organized>
Open Xmas preserved flower work-shops in Regal Hong Kong Hotel ( 2013 and 2014 )

■ CONTACT お問い合わせ

For further of all the inquiries, incl, orders, lessons, business collaboration and PR / Press,
pls feel free to contact, as the below mentioned.

HANAHASU HONG KONG   Preserved Flower & Design

(852) 9136 0729

Due to some security reasons,if you can not receive our reply wihin 2 days, kindly pls check your junk mail box.
Alternatively kindly pls email us again, try to send from your another email address( our address: info@hanahasuhk.com )
Your understanding and cooperation will be much appreciated.






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